Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad - Don Fidelis website

As the festive season draws near, get ready for a sonic delight that’s perfect for every dance club to kick off Christmas Eve. Presenting, the most awaited track of the season. Dance the winter nights away with “Feliz Navidad” by the iconic Don Fidelis. This isn’t your average holiday jingle; it’s a Dance House masterpiece […]

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago-de-compostela-don fidelis website

Serenade of Santiago: A Journey of Soulful Rhythms by Don Fidelis Unveiling the Melodies of The Camino in Don Fidelis’s New Latin House Track “Santiago de Compostela” In the realm where music and art dance in poetic harmony, the essence of a musician’s true spirit unveils. Embodying the soul of both a musician and a […]

Beso (The Kiss)

Beso Kiss-Don-Fidelis website

Embrace the magnetic allure of Beso “The Kiss,” a captivating masterpiece crafted by the renowned artist, Don Fidelis. This multidimensional art piece extends beyond the visual, offering not only an enchanting portrait available in a selection of mediums — canvas, fine art, semi-gloss, and matte — but also accompanying it is a soul-stirring easy-listening track, […]

Mama: A Symphony of Love Transcending Time

Mama - Don Fidelis -website

In 2019, amidst a still symphony of memories and whispered echoes of times long past, Don Fidelis crafted a delicate harmonic tapestry woven with strands of piano and guitar – a living, breathing tribute to the unwavering love and nurture of his mother, who had passed away 15 years prior. The track, named “Mama,” became […]

El Susurro Divino de María

Introducing “El Susurro Divino de María” (English: Maria’s Divine Whisper) – a masterpiece by the renowned artist Don Fidelis. Within an ancient Spanish church, Maria, a young woman, is depicted in a moment of profound serenity. Bathed in Rembrandt-inspired sunlight, her dedication to spirituality is evident. As she prays, the shimmering golden cross necklace she […]

Album Miami – Lounge Club Miami

Miami - Lounge Club Miami

A Musical Tapestry Woven by Lounge Club Miami and Don Fidelis In 2017, the musical worlds of Lounge Club Miami and the illustrious Don Fidelis collided in a mélange of rhythm, texture, and color to craft the unparalleled masterpiece that is the “Miami” album. This collaboration ventured to break the boundaries of lounge music, elevating […]